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Privacy Policy

We (Falcar Ltd.) are committed to protecting your privacy and have taken steps to explain this in full below. We use the information we collect to enhance and improve your experience of using our website. We do not disclose your information to anyone outside of Falcar Ltd. unless we receive your permission to do so. We explain here, for your reassurance, why we ask for information and how this information is likely to be used. You can then make informed choices about the information you provide on the Falcar Ltd. website.

1. About Falcar Ltd: Where your information goes – and where it does not go.

When you give us information on the Falcar Ltd. website, it may be analysed and used occasionally by us. We will only disclose information to any other third parties if a) we have your express permission to do so where such information is personal, or b) it is in connection with the transfer of all or substantially all of Falcar Ltd. assets or stock by way of merger, acquisition, re-organisation or otherwise, or c) it is in connection with our use of Cookies as explained in paragraph 4 below. The usage of this information is listed below.

2. Your personal information – what it is used for.

a) To enable us to provide you with marketing and customer services: If you have requested extra services we may ask for your contact details, such as your e-mail or your home address if required. We can then tell you about new products and services that we think will be of interest to you, or to sort out any queries you may have about using the website. We aim to keep our contact with you to an acceptable level. You will only ever receive information from Falcar Ltd. and not from any third party, unless you have given us your permission to pass on your details to external third parties.

b) To provide an improved service: There is more detailed information that we ask for and it is optional that you provide it. This information allows us to update and improve the contents of our site.

c) To learn about what our customers want: In addition, the extra information we ask for helps us to understand more about the kinds of people who benefit most from using our website. We think it is important to understand our customers well enough to keep improving our service for them.

d) To tell you about products and services we think you will like: We also learn about our customers by tracking their movements around the sites. Individuals are not identified, but the results of customers preferences and their use of the sites is analysed as a whole. Certain groups of people may be sent further information about products and services, based on that analysis. You have a right not to receive this information - see more information in point 3 below.

e) Use of your information outside Falcar Ltd: Where we use other companies to assist in the processing of your order (processing credit/debit card transactions, fraud prevention) we may pass sufficient information to these companies to allow them to provide the service we have requested. The companies concerned are not permitted to use the information supplied for any other purpose.

3. If you do not wish to receive information from Falcar Ltd.

If and when you register with Falcar.com, either on our website or through a competition or other option, you will be asked to tick a box if you wish to receive information on the latest Falcar Ltd. promotions and special offers. If you are happy to be contacted by Falcar Ltd. for research purposes then you have the option here to be included. We never disclose your information to anyone outside Falcar Ltd. unless you give us permission to do so. If at any time you no longer wish to receive information from us, please email us at info@falcar.com .

4. Cookies.

The Falcar Ltd. website makes use of cookies (cookies are small pieces of information that are sent from our website to the cookie file of the browser on your computers hard disc).

We use cookies for several reasons:

a) To allow you to carry information across pages of our website and avoid having to re-enter information when you return to the site. This will help simplify the logging on procedure for previously registered users.

b) To monitor our website traffic and analyse how our website works. This will allow us to make changes to the website in the future and make it easier to use.

c) To deliver more relevant advertisements on websites that display advertising by showing you products you might be interested in based on your most recent visit to our site.

You have the ability to accept or decline cookies by modifying the settings in your browser. The majority of browsers will allow the user to alter the settings used for cookies. The help menu on your browser will have further details. Please remember that turning cookies off will restrict your access to the Falcar Ltd. website.

If you have your browser set to disable all cookies then you will not be able to access many parts of the Falcar Ltd. website or shop in our online stores. If your browser is set to prompt you when cookies are being used, you will have to answer (yes) when prompted to gain full access.

5. Accessibility.

At Falcar Ltd., we are committed to making our web information and services accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities or visual impairments. With this in mind we constantly strive to make Falcar.com as accessible as possible to our customers.

We intend to continue improving our accessibility, so if you have any difficulty accessing this site and require further help, or if you have any suggestions to help improve our accessibility, please contact us.