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Network & Infrastructure Solutions

The foundations of a company lie in its infrastructure. At ICT Services we offer a broad range of peripherals and devices coupled with integrated solutions in the network domain. We provide the laying of the backbone, the termination, the testing, the setup, the configuration and the customization required for businesses to be flexible and secure longevity.

Our product range is vast enough to ensure that all needs of the client can be catered for. We ensure that quality can be guaranteed through our affiliation with leading suppliers in the various domains. We work efficiently with our suppliers (that are geared for fast shipping and offer a 95% stock availability) to provide the latest equipment to our clients.

ICT Services can be considered as a turnkey network solution provider that assists clients throughout the entire lifecycle from the initial layout, planning, design, supply and deployment of all necessary active and passive components to build an effective IT infrastructure.

ICT Accessories


Our brands encompass IT-products which are suitable for vast professional use. At ICT Services we stand to a promise of offering the best solution to our clients and needless to say we actively seek for the best items on the market. We energetically seek suppliers that can guarantee to match our standards. The range of products we source from our leading suppliers come with attractive pricing and certified quality.

Integrated Solutions


Today’s dynamic environment induces companies to focus on priorities and invest in what can guarantee return on investment. One way of maximizing and achieving efficiency is by integrating solutions into one package. ICT Services can offer integrated solutions that combine IP PBXs CCTV Cameras, Door Access and Telephony such that triggers from the CCTV cameras can automate calls and the IP phones can in turn open the door. ICT Services also provides integrated CCTV and Alarm solutions coupled in a home management system.

Security & Surveillance

CCTV IP & Analogue



Security is the first predicament of every business as well as home users. Protecting your business or home does not have to be a burden in terms of costs, maintenance and installation. At ICT Services we are able to supply our clients with tailor-made solutions ranging from IP based to Analogue based high definition CCTV solutions that are capable of multiple channel systems, including hybrid, simultaneous playback, high definition images, motion detection and online communication.

Our qualified technicians are trained to ensure that the installation is up to the company’s standard and one that meets customer’s satisfaction.

Wired & Wireless Burglar Alarms



Alarms are another aspect of security that is always high in the priority list of businesses and home users alike. At ICT Services we are able to supply our clients with tailor-made solutions that encompass wired as well as wireless systems. If you do not want to go through all the hassle of installing a wired system because you did not plan for an alarm, we are capable of offering you high quality wireless alarm systems that give you peace of mind as well as flexibility to expand and cater for future requirements. Our products are certified and thoroughly tested by our suppliers.

Fire Alarms



Fire hazard is a reality and warning can never be too late. A fire alarm system encompasses a number of detectors, such as smoke or heat that signal the concerned people through various methods. In smaller installations fire alarms can be integrated within the main alarm solution, but in larger implementations such systems should be coupled with the necessary control panels, sounders capable of setting at different volumes, etc., ICT services technicians are equipped with all the necessary knowledge to assist you in the best option to go for when creating your customized solutions.

IP PBX Solutions



Retail shops, hospitality businesses, kiosks and self employed, all have one thing in common. They all require communication mechanisms both internal as well as external. PBX solutions are an essential part of the businesses and in today’s dynamic environment, IP based systems are a must. At ICT Services we identified the primary need of any integrated system to be the function of the IP PBX.

In collaboration with our suppliers, we are able to supply hardware and software solutions that allow the client to achieve his/her intended objective. We also offer various service level maintenance agreements to fit the client’s needs.

TA & Access Control



Employees are an important asset to any organization. Without employees no business can function efficiently and reach objectives. We at ICT Services understand the need to ensure that all employees feel protected and can be accounted for at all times. Access control solutions coupled with time and attendance are the best way to ensure that your employees are efficient and effective.

We offer a solution that ranges from multi-biometric and facial recognition access locks to time and attendance software that tracks the logging of all employees and reports back the working hours, overtime, out of schedule work, etc. Included in our package is an online system that allows for the solution to be mobile.




Intercoms are ideal for buildings that are often frequented by visitors. At ICT Services we can provide a variety of solutions to cater for various types of implementations. We also seek to integrate the intercom as part of the network infrastructure so as to increase the efficiency of the over-all security of the premises. If a person calls up at your door and requests entry to deliver an item to the IT manager on the 5th floor, the receptionist can get visual / audio verification, push a button to create an access path while providing accurate logging and an audit trail.