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Management Services

Managed IT Services


It is rather implicit that all organisations wish for peace of mind with their IT infrastructure. Everyone more of less relies on ICT systems that in turn need to function efficiently, effectively and reliably. At ICT Services we also provide agreements that allow you to ensure that all your ICT components are up-to-date, up to spec and well maintained. Every organisation appreciates that ICT systems are complex in nature and require various skills, starting from consultation to management and passing through technical skills. Here at ICT Services the culture is to ensure that all this is done for the best of your business, therefore we ensure that projects are aligned to the client’s goals and budgets.

Outsourcing your ICT management to ICT Services, you will reap the benefit of having your systems run by a highly experienced team of specialists that can ensure peace of mind and allow the organisation to focus on the core business. We are catalysts of change and with a proactive approach we can guide your organisation into achieving competitive advantage and maximising systems’ efficiency.

Project Management


Retail shops, hospitality businesses, kiosks and self employed, all have one thing in common. They all require communication mechanisms both internal as well as external. PBX solutions are an essential part of the businesses and in today’s dynamic environment, IP based systems are a must. At ICT Services we identified the primary need of any integrated system to be the function of the IP PBX.

In collaboration with our suppliers, we are able to supply hardware and software solutions that allow the client to achieve his/her intended objective. We also offer various service level maintenance agreements to fit the client’s needs.