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About Us

Falcar is a privately owned company primarily engaged in the retail business. Mr. Jonathan Falzon founded the company in 1994, and he has been at the helm of the company ever since. The company has two strategic business units, “Falcar Retail” and “Falcar Autocentres”.
Falcar Retail operates from a network of 4 national stores, carrying a range of more than 5,000 different products divided in Car Enhancement, Baby & Child, and Electronics.
Falcar Autocentres offers an installation service of Tyres, Tracking devices, In-car entertainment, and Drive assist systems to private motorist, companies and the governmental departments.
Our clients enjoy competitive prices, excellent quality, and impeccable after sales, thanks a short supply chain. Products are purchased from certified suppliers and passed on directly to the customer.
The company also manufactures custom made seat covers and dashmats. The process involves the latest in computer aided design (CAD) technologies, and high quality materials. In time the company has built one of the largest application lists in world. The internet is giving us access to the international markets where these products are enjoying the same success they have locally.
Our vision is to provide products and services that better life.
Mission Statement
We aim to attract and recruit talented individuals willing to take on innovation and change in our organisation.
To meaningfully keep the personal development of our employees at the top of the company’s aims.
To understand and provide to the needs of our customers in a qualitative fashion at a fair price.
To be honest and respectful to our suppliers, customers, employees, and to the communities in which we trade.
Falcar has a unique offer that brings together ranges from categories where we have leading positions in strong markets. We continue to develop our position by extending the ranges through partnership with suppliers and by differentiating through the quality of service we offer. Our retail store offer is reinforced by Falcar dot com.
The goals to sustain future growth are:
Understand what customers want, and expand product ranges and services.
Refurbish existing stores to make them more appealing to customers.  
Open new stores and add additional floor space to house new successful lines.
Attract and recruit talented individuals, and develop the skills of present employees.
Embrace technological advancements and strengthen our online presence.
Falcar Retail maintains market-leading positions across a unique blend of categories with ranges of unrivalled breadth and depth. Customers are always presented with the best brands at the best prices, with models ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Our team listens to the customer’s request and follows the industry to spot new trends, and be the first to introduce innovative products.
Many corporate customers have chosen the team of dedicated installers at out Falcar Autocentres to provide them with a professional service. Some of our corporate customers are:
Vehicle importers: Audi, VW, SEAT, Toyota, Subaru, Ford, Mazda
Fleet Companies: Ecabs, Paramount, White Taxis
Telecommunications: Vodafone, Go plc, Loqus plc
Governmental departments/corporations: Amry, Police, Civil protection, Animal welfare, Enemalta, WSC
The Store Portfolio comprises 4 stores, strategically located to serve the largest number of customer. We are opening a new store in October 2012. The company is investing €1.3m, in an 850sqm store that promises to be the flagship of the company. All stores undergo periodical refurbishments to maintain a fresh atmosphere that entices customers and provide a health environment for the staff.
Our employees are encouraged to continue their studies throughout their life. The company, in collaboration with MCAST and Univeristy of Malta, and ETC permits the employees to attend evening courses after work. Falcar also mentors a number of apprentices that are attending Electronics engineer courses at MCAST, under the ETC apprenticeship scheme.
Our retail store offer is reinforced by Falcar dot com. Customers want to take an informed decision and the fastest way to get information is the web. Our clients find the information, features and technical specifications of all our range online. Questions are answered in real time by means of social networking. Online sales have launched us into a new exciting era.
We strongly believe that people become more productive if they are given two tools, training and technology. A competent team in combination with a customer focused business model has been, and promises to be, the key to our success.

ICT Services Ltd. makes part of Falcar Group. The company operates indepentantely of the group, and this enables it to focus better to the need of businesses and the government.

The company has a lean business model, that enables flexibility and keeps costs under control. These benefits are passed on to our customers, who enjoy prompt resonpse at reasonable prices.

ICT Services Ltd. provides hardware and software solutions mainly aimed at the business community. These include Cash Management Solutions, Burglar and Fire Security Systems, Surveillance Systems, Time and Attendace Solutions, Access solutions, Office Equipment, Ethernet, Wireless, and Fiber Networking.

The company's store in Mosta serves both as showcase, and a meeting place where prospecitve customers can interact with our staff. The company's employees are continuosly attending courses to keep them abreast of latest developments.

We hope that you find our website informative. Please feel free to download our company presentation brouchure.