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Can the cameras be postioned to capture footage in public spaces?

Installing a CCTV camera is certainly not prohibited by data protection authorities. However, similar to other sectors, the activity of video surveillance must be regulated by the principles and obligations emanating from the privacy Directive to ensure an unconditional respect for the rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals in a democratic society.

The capturing and recording of images by means of a CCTV camera, leading to the identification of a natural person, constitutes processing of personal data. Therefore, by definition, this processing falls within the parameters of the local Data Protection Act.

Individuals have the inherent right to be informed about the processing of personal data by means of a surveillance camera. The general practice is to provide the information by way of notices affixed in prominent and easily visible places within the monitored area. In certain cases, notices are also required to be affixed even before approaching the monitored area. 


Any person has the right to request access to the personal information processed by the CCTV system. The owner of the cctv system is not obliged to provide direct physical access to the recordings, the process may be facilitated by inviting the individuals to view the relevant footage without disclosing the identity of third parties. Blurring is always recommended.

Under normal circumstances, a retention period of seven days is considered to be a sufficient and reasonable time for the keeping of CCTV camera recordings. After the lapse of this period, images are automatically deleted or overwritten by new images. However, this depends on various technical characteristics of the system and other factors.

Although the law provides for a household exemption in cases where a CCTV system is installed within the boundaries of a home, the legitimate rights and interests of neighbouring tenants and other third parties should still be respected.

Adapted from the original article published on "Office of the information and the data commissioner", written by Ian Deguara, dated April 2010. Full article is available at https://idpc.org.mt/en/articles/Pages/cctv-surveillance-cameras.aspx