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Mycash Counterfeit Detector W/Batt   FRANCOUN0001

Bank note verifier C99

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Product Description

This device can detect EUR and CHF currencies. It also detects for counterfeit notes. Comes With :Usb Data cable,Power Adapter and Original Box.


With its 325 grams, MyCash is the smallest and most versatile automatic banknote verification handset 

 • Inserting notes in any direction 

• The display shows value and total verified banknotes 

• Rechargeable lithium 

• Verification Speed 0.5 sec / banknote 

• Software upgradeable 

• CE and Roh'S 

• dimensions: 157x70x59 mm 

• Weight: 325 g 

• Power supply: battery or 240V 50/60 Hz