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Smartwares Bbv Fire Escape Lad  SMARFIRE0006

Sw Bbv Fire Ladder C99

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Product Description

Escape your home if a fire occurs with the Smartwares BBVL Fire Escape Ladder. The escape ladder is 4.5 metres and therefore ideal to escape from the first floor. The ladder has a 450 kg capacity that allows you to descend with multiple persons at the same time.

Always prepared

A fire escape ladder can help save lives in case of a fire on the ground floor that blocks all exits. You can hang the stable ladder from the window frame thanks to the universal attachment. The ladder is 4.5 metres and the distance between every step is 33 cm, this way you can easily descend the ladder. The ladder has a knot free roll out so you can immediately use it to bring yourself and others in safety.


What’s in the box?

Fire escape ladder, instruction manual


Save lives by being able to escape from the first floor with the 4.5 metre escape ladder

Prevent panic by being well prepared if a fire breaks out

Easy to hang from the window frame with the universal attachment

Carrying capacity of 450 kg that allows you to descend with multiple people at the same time

Knot free roll out for fast use