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Hcg-008037 Hdmi A-A 1.2M Gold   KENACABL0004

Hcg-008037 Hdmi A-A 1.2M C9

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Product Description

esigned to connect straight to TV from you devices. Not designed to be used with switches or selectors.

GOLD plated connectors for less loss and longer lasting.


HDMI 19pin Male to HDMI 19pin Male Fully v1.4 compatible

HDMI 1.4 Supports@

HDMI Ethernet Channel - Adds high-speed networking to an HDMI link, allowing users to take full advantage of their IP-enabled devices without a separate Ethernet cable.

Audio Return Channel (ARC) - Allows an HDMI-connected TV with a built-in tuner to send audio data upstream to a surround audio system, eliminating the need for a separate audio cable.