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Delock 87635 4 Port Vga Switch   MTECSWIT0001

This VGA switch by Delock is a manually bidirectional switch for connecting different devices with VGA port. This switch offers two different applications

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Product Description

You can connect up to four computers with VGA port to one monitor, TV or beamer etc. with VGA input port. By using the button you can select which device should display the signal.

You can connect one computer with VGA port to up to four displays and select the monitor which should display the signal by using the button. (Simultaneous output to multiple screens is not possible)



• Connector:

Function 1

Input: 4 x VGA 15 pin female

Output: 1 x VGA 15 pin female

Function 2

Input: 1 x VGA 15 pin female

Output: 4 x VGA 15 pin female

• 4 mechanical buttons

• Resolution: max. 1920 x 1440

• Metal housing

• No external power supply needed

• Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 119 x 84 x 34 mm

• Colour: beige


System requirements

• PC or notebook with a free VGA port

• VGA connection cables