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Mdpstn Comm Line Pstn Module   ELMODIAL0001

Mdpstn Comm Line Module C99

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Product Description

MDPSTN is the telephone dialer module designed for VILLEGGIO line and it allows the remote programming. Thanks to this module is possible to connect the control unit to a analogue telephone line. The module needs to be installed inside the control unit.

Through the MDPSTN module, the control unit offers new and powerful features such as, for example, the alarms transmission via Contact-ID to surveillance institutes, the environmental listening, the alarm voice message sending and the remote assistance.



Compatible lines All VILLEGGIO line

Functions Line sectioning relay

Alarm voice message sending via telephone line

Remote environmental listening

Remote assistance

Remote programming

Detects the telephone line presence and if the control unit signal is free

Operates in a low consumption mode

Connections Telephone line input terminal

Derivation telephones terminal

Miniaturized multi-polar connector for base board connection

Dimensions/weight W 63 x H 48 x D 21 mm, 30g

Power consumption 2mA idle state, 56mA maximum in digital transmission

Power supply DC12V provided by control unit

The module is as apparatus accessory provided with CE certification, is equipped with PTLM No.10013 report test with tests carried out according to TBR21