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Pregio1000 Control Panel Alarm   ELMOPANE0001

Pregio1000 Panel Pstn C99

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Product Description

PREGIO1000 is a wired/wireless (with RIVERRF/RIVERRFPLUS concentrators) intrusion detection control unit, developed upon an innovative architecture and open to the scenarios and future technologies. Thanks to the possibility to extend the input up to 48, PREGIO1000 is the ideal solution for a lot of environments (domestic and commercial/civil).

It is based on integration principle with the GSM, LAN and PSTN Plug&Play modules of the Villeggio system. It incorporates natively the best EL.MO. technology while still using only a small part of its high processing capacity. In this way great part the potentialities are usable for future devices and to integrate the incoming technologies.

PREGIO1000 is an EL.MO. “green” control unit, that focuses on current issues and topics such as the consumption reduction with the consequent economic savings and environmental protection. Compliant with EN50131-3 grade 2, environmental class II


Control unit Wired / wireleess (with RIVERRF/RIVERRFPLUS radio concentrators)

Inputs Available 8 wired inputs on control unit board (16 with split function) expandable up to 48 with RIVER concentrators via RS485

On board inputs can be configured as: triple/double balanced, NC, fast

Outputs 8 outputs on control unit board, expandable up to 48 with proper modules with optional relay on RIVER concentrators

Detector power output 12V protected by a fuse

1 programmable relay alarm output (max 3A)

1 programmable output max 100mA

Connector for ETRREL board with programming and remote control function

Users Max. 32 users

Serial line 1 x RS485 serial line for the connection with compatible devices

Control devices 16 control devices connected via RS485 serial line:


Control points: ETRZENITH, IZENTIH

Inserters: I8

Indicators: PASSLIGHT


4 areas with 4 sectors

2 areas with 8 sectors

1 area with 16 sectors

Slot for optional modules 1 slot for 1 module to choose between MDGSME and MDPSTN+ 1 slot for 1 MDLAN module

Functions Power and battery consumption equal to 20% of old generation control units

Provided voice synthesis with 4 default messages (optional module MDVOICE64 available for extension up to 64 messages)

Integration with e-Connect management, supervision and centralization system

Connection via RS485

Internal clock with backup battery and weekly time programmer

Telephone dialer

Digital dialer with ContactID and Fast Format protocols

Compatible modules MDGME for GSM connection

MDLAN for Ethernet 10Mbit connection

MDPSTN for analogue telephone line

MDVOICE64 for extension up to 64 vocal with 8 minutes max. recording time

MDRS232 for the connection with ETREIB to interface with Konnex system

Housing Metal protected against opening and removal (max. battery 7Ah)

Operating temperature -10°C/+40°C

Dimensions and weight W 225 x H 274 x D 111mm, 4 Kg

Power consumption 15mA idle status

Power supply 110-240Vac 50Hz, power supply unit 2,4A

Standard Compliant EN 50131-3 grade 2, environmental class IIa