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Dt1000 Compact Dual Pir Detector   ELMOPIR10001

Dt1000 Compact Dual Pir C99

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Product Description

DT1000 is a dual technology (MW + IR) detector offering simple operation and 12-meter operative range. It features an extremely compact design that makes it suitable for a wide variety of locations, especially domestic and civil ones.

The digital PIR sensor ensures high immunity against noise and an accurate detection of the alarm conditions. The IR detector is equipped with a FRESNEL lens with white light protection while the MW section is provided by a DRO low consumption planar antenna.

In addition, the adoption of the full microprocessor management allows an accurate analysis of the environment, using sophisticated algorithms. Some dipswitches allows the set up of the detector.



Operating range: 12 m max

Number of integration pulses: 4 – 8

Integration time: 5 s

TX frequency: 10.525 GHz (9.9 GHz for model operating at different frequency)

Coverage area: 72° horizontally, 36° vertically


Operating range: 12 m max

Number of integration pulses: 2 - 3

Integration time: 5 s

Standard installation height 2.10 m

Number of sensitive zones: 18

Number of planes: 4

Opening: 81°, volumetric


Electronic filter for neon lamps

Protection class  IP3X

Operating temperature -10/+55°C

Dimensions/weight W 54 x H 82 x D 44 mm 83 g

Consumption Stand by at switch on: 18 mA

Idle: 11 mA

In alarm status: 15 mA

Power supply DC12V (7.5 - 15 V)

Standards Compliant with 50131-2-4:2008 Grade 1, environmental class II