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Strixo485 Rs485 Dual Tech 8Mt Dete   ELMOPIR10004

Strixo485 Curtain Dete C99

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Product Description

STRIXO485 is an outdoor double technology detector with vertical curtain lens and RS485 interface. It offers an attractive design and high performance features. The compact design and the waterproof housing with IP55 protection grade make these new sensors an ideal solution for the outdoor environments protection (residential and industrial).

The maximum range is 8m. The MW section ensures an 80° coverage on horizontal plane and 32° on vertical plane. The IR section offers 7° horizontal opening, 90° vertical opening and 2 beams, designed to cover only the areas to be monitored. It is the ideal solution for the doors/ windows and outdoor wall protection.

STRIXO485 can be programmed and managed via software in a simple and intuitive way: parameters such as detected waveform, last event log can be now monitored in real time, also remotely.