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Dt2000 Pir Mw Ir 15M Anti Masking   ELMOPIR10005

Dt2000 Pir Mw Ir 15M C99

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Product Description

DT2000 is a dual-technology sensor (MW + IR) with an excellent performance/investment ratio. DT2000 offers a coverage up to 15 meters and the high quality is certified by the 5-year warranty.


The digital PIR sensor ensures high immunity against noise and an accurate detection of the alarm conditions. The IR detector is equipped with a FRESNEL lens with white light protection while the MW section is provided by a DRO low consumption planar antenna and by an anti-masking device. DT2000 features the under-crawl function.


In addition, the adoption of the full microprocessor management allows an accurate analysis of the environment, using sophisticated algorithms. The nice design, the compact size and the corner mounting ability make DT2000 suitable for any environment