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Condor2k Ng-Trx 12Mt Pir Dual Tech   ELMOPIR10006

Condor2k Ng-Trx 12Mt Pir C99

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Product Description

CONDOR is the innovative detector which extends the dual technology usage to the wireless intrusion detection systems managed by Helios and Villeggio control unit, thus reaching high standard of precision and quality.


Thanks to the wide operative range up to 150 meters in open field, CONDOR easily adapts itself to any type of environment, both commercial and civil. It is possible to adjust the sensor detection range up to 12 meters and a sophisticated internal electronics increases the battery life up to 2 years.


To ensure the detector immunity, the MW section with 24Ghz compact low noise planar antenna with pulsed circuitation and filter with the neon lights, while the IR section has a high immunity digital PIR with compensation in temperature and lens with white light protection.