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Pregio500 Control Panel   ELMOPANE0003

Pregio500 Control Panel C99

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Product Description


PREGIO500 is a wired/wireless (with GATEWAY2K for NG-TRX devices and RIVERRF concentrators for traditional wireless devices) intrusion detection control unit with plastic housing. It is developed upon an innovative architecture and open to the scenarios and future technologies. Thanks to the possibility to extend the input up to 24, PREGIO500 is the ideal solution for a lot of environments (domestic and commercial/civil).
It is based on integration principle with the GSM/GPRS, PSTN and Wi-Fi Plug&Play modules. It incorporates natively the best EL.MO. technology while still using only a small part of its high processing capacity. In this way great part the potentialities are usable for future devices and to integrate the incoming technologies.
PREGIO500 is an EL.MO. “green” control unit, that focuses on current issues and topics such as the consumption reduction with the consequent economic savings and environmental protection. Compliant with EN50131-3 grade 3, environmental class II.