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Olympia Nc451 Bank Note Check  OLYMCOUN0013

Our currency counter, equipped with cutting-edge UV and MG sensors, is designed to efficiently handle a wide range of currencies. With a free count mode and automatic start feature, it offers a flexible counting experience from 1 to 999 notes at a blazing speed of up to 1,000 notes per minute. The counter ensures accuracy by detecting double, half, and chain notes, providing a hassle-free counting process. Its sleek design accommodates notes within a size range of 50 x 110mm to 85 x 180mm and a thickness of 0.075mm to 0.15mm. The LED display keeps you informed of the count, and it remembers the previous result for convenience. Designed for ease of use, this currency counter is perfect for various applications with its 100-note hopper and 200-note stacker. Operate with peace of mind within a wide temperature range of 0° to 40° and a humidity level of 60% to 90%, all while keeping noise levels under 60dB. Efficient and reliable, this device is your ideal solution for accurate and efficient currency counting.

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Product Description

Piece counter for sorted notes

Currencies: all currencies with UV and MG feature

Sensors for attributes: UV, MG

Sensors selectable

Free Batch stop (1 – 100)

Add function

Free count mode

Automatic Start

Counting range: 1 – 999

Shows the previous result

Size of countable notes: 50 x 110mm ~ 85 x 180 mm

Thickness of notes: 0,075 – 0,15 mm

Speed: max. 1.000 notes/min

Double-, half-, chain-note detection

Hopper: 100 notes

Stacker: 200 notes

Red LED-Display

Power connection: 230V, 50 Hz

Power consumption: 40 Watt

Working temperature: 0° - 40°

Humidity: 60%% - 90%%

Noise: <60dB